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Started from 2017, Ministry of Education (Taiwan) has stopped to assess the Institution’s Departments/Programs. Every Institution is encouraged to hold the assessment itself or commissioned to a professional evaluation agency to implement the assessment for the promotion of the Institution’s characteristics.

Taiwan Assessment and Evaluation Association (TWAEA) is a professional evaluation agency recognized by Ministry of Education aimed to assist the institutions to develop their own self-improvement system and characteristics. The project “Higher Education Quality Certification” is then designed to assist the institutions to develop their own characteristics through the fair and righteous assessment done by the third party; hopefully the higher education’s quality can be enhanced overall, including the diversified development and sustainable management.

Target &Goal

The institution’s teaching quality can be realized through the implementation of the assessment and furthermore, the institution shall encourage the development of self-improvement system and self-made characteristics for further advancement, especially the enhancement of the institution’s operating quality. The followings are the descriptions about the project.

(1) Based on the characteristics for position establishment and value creation

(2) Based on the learning outcomes for quality assurance and performance improvement

(3) Based on the sustainable improvement for outstanding and ongoing development


Under the missions of promoting and developing assessment knowledge and technology, and providing assessment services, TWAEA has been commissioned by Ministry of Education to carry out several big assessment projects. This project is aimed to assist the institutions to literally practice the missions and objectives to enhance the school quality to have sustainable development through the assessment implemented by the third party after Ministry of Education stopped implementing the assessment made to Departments/Programs.

The followings are the description about the characteristics.

1. TWAEA is one of the professional evaluation agencies recognized by Ministry of Education

In order to ensure the higher education’s quality, “Guidelines for the Application for Subsidy from Ministry of Education for Department/Program” is specially made for it. According to Point 3 from “Guidelines for the Application for Subsidy from Ministry of Education for Department/Program”, the institution can apply for accreditation to their Departments/Programs based on the needs made by the professional evaluation agencies recognized by Ministry of Education. TWAEA has been recognized by Ministry of Education as a professional accreditation association since 2010 and reaccredited again in 2015.

2. Customized service to assist the Institution for the development of characteristics

With TWAEA’s rich experiences in administrative services and sufficient manpower, fully supports can be provided to the institution for the implementation of self-assessment, including the recruitment of assessors, arrangement of on-site visits and organization of seminars related to assessment. The institution can make the application based on the needs and TWAEA can customize the service consequently.

3. Complete and perfect consultant group to assist the Institution to have its own characteristics

The directors and supervisors from TWAEA are all outstanding elite from different fields; they not only equip with professional knowledge, but also have the same willingness to put their efforts for better assessment technology. TWAEA’s think tank is composed of the members with different backgrounds to assist us in the development of assessment.

4. Sufficient assessors with diversified backgrounds to ensure the quality of assessment procedures

TWAEA has accumulated rich experiences related to on-site visits, including the projects commissioned by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Tourism Bureau, MOTC in several different fields. Besides, our database for scholars and experts is very well classified for different professional groups to perfectly analyze the complicated school systems about our higher education; hopefully, we can integrate and enhance the assessment related knowledge and quality to assist the institutions to have better development.

5. Systematic assessment courses for the cultivation of professional assessment elite

In order to strengthen the assessors’ professional knowledge, TWAEA has continuously held the workshops and seminars for the provision of beneficial and practical assessment knowledge to ensure the assessors can synchronize with the international trend to have better quality in assessment field.

6. Efficient and qualified administration team to attain the goals smoothly

TWAEA’s staffs are all very professional with rich experiences, especially with the development of the system for knowledge management. The assessment related works are carried out under the principles of fair and righteous with high efficiency and quality to meet the institution’s requirements and needs.