HE Quality Certification > Criteria & Standards

The project is aimed to assist the institutions’ to have self- improvement system and develop their own characteristics through the external assessment done by professional experts and scholars. In the meanwhile, the institution can review himself whether or not he has met the missions and objectives originally setup by the institution to analysis the necessity of making improvements. The followings are the descriptions about indexes.

Mission & Development

  • The missions and objectives are setup based on the institution’s conditions, development and students’ learning quality to be in line with both professional and industrial’s developmental trends.
  • The development plan is setup according to the missions and objectives; moreover, the follow-up system and reviewing mechanism should also be developed at the same time.
  • All the administrative organizations, regulations and resources classifications are adopted to enhance the Programs/Departments’ management and development.


Teaching & Learning

  • The indexes regarding the planning about curriculum and faculties setup for students’ capacity are designed according to the missions and objectives. Resources and supports are dedicated to enhance the faculties’ teaching quality and the students’ learning outcomes.


Achievements & Performance

  • The achievements in the fields of students’ learning outcomes, faculty’s research, industry-academia cooperation and social service.



  • Self-improvement method shall be developed and carried out to cope with the internal and external changes sustainably.