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According to Article 5 of “Regulations for University Assessment”, every institution should undergo the assessment regularly done by the professional evaluation agency recognized and commissioned by Ministry of Education; for the one that wants to be exempted from the assessment, they should meet at least 1 condition mentioned in the following:

  1. Already equipped with complete assessment mechanism and the result is also recognized by Ministry of Education;
  2. Already been accredited by the professional evaluation agency recognized by Ministry of Education.

Besides, the institutions can follow Point 3 from “Guidelines for the Application for Subsidy from Ministry of Education for Department/Program” to apply for accreditation based on their needs made by the assessment associations recognized by Ministry of Education.

TWAEA was firstly recognized by Ministry of Education as a Professional Evaluation Agency on 10th August 2010 and were re-accredited again in 2015. The project “Accreditation of Degree-granting Programs” is specially designed to assist the institutions’ to develop quality improvement system through the fair and righteous assessment and professional consultancies provided by TWAEA to figure out their own characteristics.

Target & Goal

The main purpose of this project is to understand the Institution’s teaching quality, then to assist the Institution to develop the mechanism for quality improvement. Hopefully, the characteristics can be carried forward through the mechanism. The followings are the descriptions.

  1. Get to know the applied unit’s operation quality, including the mechanism to ensure the students’ learning outcomes
  2. Assist the applied unit in developing the mechanism for quality improvement
  3. Assist the applied unit in performing the characteristics to be outstanding
  4. Enhance the quality of Taiwan’s higher education


Under the missions of promoting and developing assessment knowledge and technology, and providing assessment services, TWAEA has worked hard to design an open, transparent and reasonable assessment mechanism to encourage the institutions to have their own characteristics and self-improvement plan for future sustainable operation through the implementation of “Accreditation of Degree-granting Programs”. The followings are the descriptions about the characteristics of this project.

  1. Self-assessment, self-made characteristics and assessment indexes
  2. Fully counselled before self-assessment and a written improvement plan shall be provided after it
  3. After the period of improvement & adjustment is over, on-site visit shall be implemented afterwards